MasterCard Customer Service

MasterCard Phone Number Tips MasterCard Helpline Contact Numbers MasterCard Phone Number 1-800-627-8372 MasterCard helpline 1-636-722-7111 MasterCard Contact Number 0800-96-4767 MasterCard Origin The original banks behind MasterCard were United California Bank, Wells Fargo, Crocker National Bank and the Bank of California. Today the world knows about the MasterCard customer service and it has become our first choice for the plastic money. ... Read More »

AOL Customer Service

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AOL Phone Number Tips AOL Helpline Contact Numbers AOL Phone Number 0808-234-9279 AOL helpline 0870 320 2020 AOL is one of the most easily recognisable brands in the world today. The company has come a long way and grown in leaps and bounds since launching its first instant messaging service in 1989. At one time, its dial-up services boasted of ... Read More »

Netflix Customer Service

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Netflix Phone Number Tips Netflix Helpline Contact Numbers Netflix Phone Number 0800 096 6379 Netflix began operating over 15 years ago. Initially, the company focused on mainly in providing DVD subscription services. With time, the company specialised in providing streaming services to people who want to watch movies online. The company has more than 75 million subscribers who login to ... Read More »

Santander Bank Customer Service

Santander Phone Number Tips Santander Helpline Contact Numbers Santander Bank contact number 0800 171 2171 Santander Phone Number 0800 068 6069 Santander helpline 0800 389 9905 Santander Contact Number 0800 028 4055 Santander Complaints 0800 587 2764 Santander Bank Overview Santander is a British bank owned by the Spanish Santander Group. Santander UK plc manages its affairs autonomously with its ... Read More »

Yorkshire Bank Customer Service

Yorkshire Bank Phone Number Tips Yorkshire Bank Helpline Contact Numbers Yorkshire Bank contact number 0800 141 2261 Yorkshire Bank Phone Number +44 1419 517 315 Yorkshire Bank helpline 0800 456 1247 Yorkshire Bank Contact Number 0800 028 4055 Yorkshire Bank Complaints 0800 055 6655 Yorkshire Bank Profile The Yorkshire bank was established on 1 May 1859 by Colonel Edward Akroyd ... Read More »

Hertz Customer Service

Hertz Phone Number Tips Hertz Bank Helpline Contact Numbers Hertz contact number 0207 026 0077 Hertz Phone Number 0207 365 3369 Hertz helpline 0207 026 0077 Hertz Contact Number 0120 2802 3000 Hertz Complaints 0207 727 6969 Foundation of the Hertz In 1918, Walter L. Jacobs established the Hertz Customer Service as a renting industry in Chicago. Walter L. Jacobs ... Read More »

RBS Customer Service

RBS Phone Number Tips RBS Helpline Contact Numbers RBS contact number 0345 724 2424 RBS Phone Number 0345 303 0600 RBS helpline 0345 600 2230 RBS Contact Number +44 1315 498 888 RBS Complaints 0207 727 6969 RBS UK Profile The Royal Bank of Scotland also known as RBS is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of The Royal Bank ... Read More »

NatWest Customer Service

NatWest Phone Number Tips NatWest Helpline Contact Numbers NatWest contact number 0800 151 0409 NatWest Phone Number 0800 151 0404 NatWest helpline 0345 900 0200 NatWest Contact Number 0345 788 8444 NatWest’s History NatWest also was known as the National Westminster Bank Plc is one of the largest retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom. It has been a ... Read More »

Barclays Customer Service

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Barclays Phone Number Tips Barclays Helpline Contact Numbers Barclays Phone Number 0345 734 5345 Barclays helpline Number 0345 600 4545 Barclays Contact Number 0345 605 2345 Barclays Support Sales Toll-Free 0800 282 390 Barclays New Customers 0345 945 4545 Join Barclays 0345 600 4545 Barclays Orders +44 1928 584421 Barclays Mobile Number 0141 352 3909 Barclays Overview Barclays is a ... Read More »

Vodafone Customer Service


Vodafone Phone Number Tips Vodafone Helpline Contact Numbers Vodafone Phone Number 0333 304 0191 Vodafone helpline Number +44 7836 191 191 Vodafone Contact Number 0333 304 0191 Vodafone Support Sales Toll-Free 0808 004 4848 Vodafone New Customers 0808 003 4515 Join Vodafone 0333 304 8069 Vodafone is a British multinational company. It specialises in providing telecom services in the world. ... Read More » is not associated in any way with any company listed on this website. Calls cost £0.13p per minute from a BT landline other networks may vary (Calls from mobiles will cost more). Our call costs vary so please be sure to check the price stated next to the phone number provided. If you are unsure of your network costs we strongly advise contacting your network supplier BEFORE using our service. Bill payers must be 18 years and over and have the bill payers permission before making the call. Please read and agree to these terms before using our service. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.